Training your body without your brain connections is like having a phone with no works, but it's not great. REACH will have you running on 4G in no time!

2 minutes of online brain exercises to enhance vital connections between your brain and body movements.

12 minutes of Fitness, Strength and Flexibility exercises to complete 3 times each week.Expert Physios on hand wherever you are. No waiting lists, just specialist advice using the latest technology.

Imagine being part of something simple, fun, life-changing, and so easy, that it's almost effortless to be a better version of you.

REACH is the first customised wellbeing programme which rebuilds the connections between your brain and body for long-term wellness and allows you to speak to your very own Physio whenever works for you.

You'll get feedback about your body and brain exercises to help you perform even better.

6 sessions in your schedule each week, 3 body & 3 brain. Do extra practice at any time if you like!

Are you ready? Here comes the Better Humans science …

Every millisecond our body and brain pass data back and forth to keep the highly complex human machine working. We have millions of sensors in our bodies which constantly feedback data to our brain such as temperature, pressure, muscle tension, hunger, pain etc. Our brain interprets the data and sends signals to our body allowing us to respond to these messages and keep us functioning as best it can.

Over time these signals don’t always reach the precise location, like an online map with GPS co-ordinates that are slightly out of sync – you get to the right street but miss the turning at the first attempt! Plus, if your body is slightly out of line, or you have poor posture, it takes even more brain power to keep you upright and requires more effort to move. Worse still it can actually be harmful causing uneven wear-and tear leading to injury. In the same way that your phone runs more efficiently with fewer apps running, your brain and body work better together when we switch off unnecessary activity.

Our unique BetterTraining combo gets your body and brain signals firing more accurately. When connections are reprogrammed, you have better

  • Brain performance:  free capacity to focus on more important things

  • Body performance:  ideal posture, symmetry and balance

  • Resilience:  a better you, every day

Helping you feel better, think better and do better.