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Is rushing to the gym in January bad for business?

B etter Humans, which recently launched its unique TelePhysio service which utilises qualified physiotherapists and data analytics, is warning all business owners to prepare for a month of pain ahead. The third week in January marks the start of the January injury blues, when many people’s New Year fitness resolutions come to a painful conclusion.

Victoria Anderson, who is a director at Better Humans and also a practising MSK advanced physiotherapist, explains: “The third week of the year marks the start of the January injury blues and is the busiest time of year for physios. Appointments almost double from December into January with a steady increase and peak in February, this period is responsible for approximately 32% of all our appointments for the year.

“There are various reasons for this, the obvious one being injuries caused by new exercise participation as result of New Years resolutions. At this time of year many of us take part in strenuous activities we haven’t done before and that our bodies aren’t properly prepared for. Going full on into exercise from a cold ‘standing start’ puts a huge strain on the body; as does people wanting to get fit after gorging themselves through the festive period meaning they do not have the right fuel for their body to cope. Another problem is people not doing the right level of exercise for their bodies capabilities or not knowing where to start; all of these contribute to the month of injures that lie ahead.

“And of course this potentially could have a huge impact on businesses, as people may struggle to come to work, need time off to be treated, or simply not perform at their best due to injury. If your body is hurt, it has a huge impact on all your functions and certainly will inhibit you working at an optimum level.”

Better Humans recently launched its new Telephysio service aimed at improving performance in the workplace by assisting staff to stay fit and healthy in both mind and body. This service is the first-of-its-kind to use actual qualified physiotherapists, combined with data analytics, to enhance employee well-being and ultimately improve business performance.

Anderson adds: “I think most companies are now switched on to the importance of well-being in the workplace, and how employees need to be looked after if they are to perform at their best. However, very few are actually being proactive in ensuring that this happens.

“As far I know we are the first company to use actual qualified physiotherapists combined with data analytics to improve business performance. If you are an athlete, you are going to take every step possible to perform at your best, utilising expert physiotherapy and the latest in sports science. This allows you to get the most out of your body, and helps prevent injury. It goes without saying that this can transfer to the business world, the big difference being our service can help everybody across all fitness levels.

“We liken working with stress or aches and pains, to working with 3G on your smartphone. Yes you can work, and sometimes you can work well, but you are not going to perform at your best until you are connected. Our philosophy is simple, the key to a healthy mind is a healthy body and you need both if you are to perform at an optimum level. Unlike other telephysio services we do not use generic call-handlers, we only engage trained expert physios to give help and advice. We believe its vital to allow access to ‘actual human Physios’ as you get a much better understanding of the person through conversation instead of computer algorithms. Also, we as humans have a fundamental need to stay connected to other humans (tribe mentality) and the danger with digital technology on it’s own is this does not satisfy this need.

Better Humans warns businesses about the January injury Blues

“Our telephysio service is combined with the REACH programme, which is a unique blend of tests and digital training using the latest developments in neuroscience, motor imagery, visualisation and brain training. If followed the programme is proven to create healthier, happier and more productive employees; lower absenteeism; improve engagement and retention rates. What makes it more effective is that continuously throughout the programme there is analysis going on in the background, which provides insights into employee behaviour hot spots and what is working well and what is not. This analysis is then delivered in the form of a report to the decision-makers. So not only are we making the individual healthier, it is all contributing to the company improving as a whole.”

Better Humans’ TelePhysio service is provided by Better Physio, which is made up of a team of specialist physiotherapists and pilates Instructors who have used their extensive experience, skills, knowledge and passion to develop and support the REACH programme. It is designed to give everyone access to a tailored brain and body training programme with the added benefit of TelePhysio support.

Better Humans is based in Edinburgh and offers a unique active well being and health programme with personalised body and brain resilience training using actual specialist physiotherapists. Better Humans looks at body, brain and even mood health, and then compiles data results which offer tangible long-term benefits to employers.

For more information about Better Humans and the Reach programme please visit

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