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Better Humans

Why : The Mission

To help people feel, think and do better. Always.

We have combined extensive Physiotherapy practice with digital solutions, to create an accessible health and wellness programme, with advanced Tele-Physiotherapy support. Access to a wellness programme has never been easier.

How : The Recipe

We use an online digital platform to provide access to a unique health and wellness programme combining both brain and body exercises. The programme is based on neuroscience research and extensive knowledge of exercise and rehabilitation.

Using a simple scoring system, you will receive instant feedback on your current brain to body connections and how they are functioning. Then your programme will be tailored specifically to your results, so you’ll see improvements quickly by following your training.

What : The REACH Program

The REACH programme follows a simple 3-step process : Register, Find your Scores, Get Training!

There are 3 brain training and 3 body training sessions per week, running over a 4 weekly period.  Then you re-score and your programme is adapted to suit your progress.

Think better, do better, feel better

A better you!

Better Training

Better Training

Work better and with less effort by enhancing the connections between your brain and body. Easy to follow custom training programme, suitable for those who haven’t ever exercised and superfit gym bunnies.

Better Insight

Better Insight

Find out more about your brain and body and how well they’re working together. Track your progress on the way to a better you. Incentives to keep your better habits going in the long term!

Better Physio

Better Physio

Secure video chat access to an experienced Physio. Immediate appointments available for expert guidance and support, not just exercise sheets. Safe and confidential service.

Better Live

Better Live

Live classes broadcast live from our studio. From Physio-led Pilates to cardio exercises and mindfulness, we have you covered. Join in from the privacy of your own home, or with colleagues at work.

REACH Programme Intro

Increase your body and brain performance

For Individuals

Be Healthier

People don’t always know where to start with their health. REACH gives a simple assessment of how well your brain and body are working and a programme to make you a better human!

Be More Productive

Everyone wastes brain processing power when their body and brain connections are out of alignment. Fix them with 6 quick sets of exercises each week.

Be Happier

Ongoing programme and Physio support to keep you in tip-top form. Feel better, think better, do better!

For Companies

Healthier people

Exercises proven to reduce incidence of musculoskeletal injuries, a common cause of sickness absence. Instant access to expert Physios – from home or workplace.

Performance Data & Health Analytics

Regular insight reporting of functional improvements. Identification of specific health hotpots. Secure anonymised data – personal health data never, ever shared.

Engagement & Motivation Index

In-built monthly insight trackers to gauge morale, motivation etc.

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