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Your Workplace Health & Wellness Revolution just got Better.


Which health and wellness strategy is best for you, your employees and your company?  


Our solution blends physiotherapy expertise, science, digital technology and data analytics to inspire and support you, your employees and your business.


Think better, feel better, do better

Better Humans means Better Business

Better HealthScore

Better HealthScore

This 1-month project informs you of the baseline physical and brain performance of your employees. This impacts all areas of employees lifestyle and allows you to make the most informed and effective decisions for your future employees health and wellbeing strategies.

Better Insight

Better Insight

Data analytics highlight hotspots, ranging from; employee engagement, life balance and physical or brain fitness, at individual and company level. These insights inform you of the people, or areas within your company who need more support.

Better Physio

Better Physio

Maintaining a human connection, we offer ongoing support from our team of physios. You can have a remote physiotherapy consultation with us so we can still see you, or give you some quick advice over instant messenger if you're in a rush (or camera-shy!)

Better Live

Better Live

Access to online classes, recorded and broadcast live from our very own studio. From Physio-led Pilates to cardio exercises and mindfulness, we have your employees covered. Individuals can join in from home, the gym or with colleagues at work to build and maintain healthy habits.

Brain and Body Performance Analytics

Healthier & happier workforce

People don’t always know where to start with their health. REACH gives a simple assessment of how well your brain and body are working and a programme to make you a better human!

Improved productivity & engagement

Everyone wastes brain processing power when their body and brain connections are out of alignment. Fix them with 6 quick sets of exercises each week.

Lower stress and injuries

Ongoing programme and Physio support to keep you in tip-top form. Feel better, think better, do better!

Customised Training Programmes

Exercises proven to reduce incidence of musculoskeletal injuries, a common cause of sickness absence. Instant access to expert Physios – from home or workplace.

Physio support

Regular insight reporting of functional improvements. Identification of specific health hotpots. Secure anonymised data – personal health data never, ever shared.

Effective employee data

In-built monthly insight trackers to gauge morale, motivation etc.

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