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About Us


We're Better Humans

Physiotherapy experts, blending the latest science research with digital technology

Our Story Began


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Cruising through the Nevada desert in 2015, our founders Emma and Vicky made a decision to combine their expertise in digital technology, business and Physiotherapy to create something that could make a real difference to as many people as possible. Their goal: to help people think, feel and do better. It was in that moment that Better Humans was formed!


Victoria is a highly experienced Physiotherapist, priding herself on high standards of assessment, diagnosis and treatment abilities. As a self-confessed science geek, Victoria sees the potential in using digital technology to create a new integrated physiotherapy experience.


Clinical Director


From an early career in Finance, Emma's passionate about how we grow more Better Humans in the world!


Managing Director


Catriona is a very experienced MSK Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, having practised for over 10 years in the UK and Asia, where she specialised in Pilates for rehabilitation. She is using her considerable experience in advanced physiotherapy and interest in digital innovation to help make people, feel, think and do better.



Experts in Physiotherapy

Better Physio Ltd are our team of specialist Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors who have used their extensive experience, skills, knowledge and passion to develop and support REACH.  With tele-physio support available to all users, our Physios are on hand to provide advice on an injury, general information about specific musculoskeletal conditions, or simply some support on how to get the most out of the programme.

As well as developing and supporting online services, our Physios assess and treat patients in our Edinburgh clinic to continually enhance our hands-on skills, develop new approaches and keep us in touch. Supporting patients online helps us to reach more people and guide them towards better health.

  • Advanced Physiotherapy

    Highly Specialist Physios with over 10 years of experience

  • Latest Cognitive Science Research

    Combining the principals of Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) with tailored exercise programmes

  • Years of Practical Experience

    Continue to treat patients in Edinburgh to enhance practical skills

I'm passionate about delivering the highest quality of care to every individual I meet and have learned that to do this requires a sophisticated blend of physical and mental support. Delivering this through digital technology whilst retaining a human connection is crucial to everybody's wellbeing.

- Victoria Anderson

Clinical Director

Having learned the importance of great brain and body health, and the importance of the connections between brain and body, I'm super excited about getting more humans to use our REACH programme, helping them to feel, think, and do better.

- Emma Collingwood

Managing Director

I love being able to combine my advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitative Pilates experience with new technology to reach people in new ways.

It's important to still see patients face to face, which I continue to do a few days each week in our Edinburgh clinic.

- Catriona Davidson


Our Team in Action

A little bit of our culture!